Why Being Talented Is Never Just Enough

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There’s been this young amazing guy that works around my work environment. I have always noticed, his most of the times head down to a pad on his lap. This morning I reluctantly walked up to him to see what he was up to. On getting there I was taken off my feet by a wonderful master piece art he was working on with a biro. I could barely move for about 10mins. I had to tap him and ask, where did you learn this from? His answer once again took me off my feet, ‘bros, I no learn this thing anywhere oh! Since i dey 10years nah when I get this talent!’. I couldn’t believe my ears, this young guy is a gate man with one of the most special talents I have seen ever.


Having a great talent is pretty much not enough. What is talent: A person’s innate ability to do something. My experience with this young man drew my attention to some friends I had, a very long time ago as a teenager. Majority of those folks had excellent talents that i envied so much. But then today, I can barely point one of those folks that have maximized nor upgraded that talent.


Upgraded talent is simply skill. What’s the difference? Talent is innate(inborn or natural) ability while Skill(expertise or mastery) is a learnt ability. In a super fast changing world individuals must make intentional efforts to develop their talents. A Lot of young folks are quite satisfied and feel supreme by the fact that they got great voice, could crack your rip out with jokes, can write awesome piece or even paint excellently, but hey! Guess what? This is just not enough. What you feel you know right now is almost already out of place once it’s out there. Little wonder why developers and programmers continuously update their projects.


The process of moving from being super talented to an expert is personal development. In my high school (senior secondary school) days I was a very talented speaker that I became the student’s union vice-president and was made to always address my fellow students and even stand in for the student’s before the school’s board. But then getting to college I discovered there was a lot more to speaker, when I started speaking to small group of students and suddenly became a union member and a president of my campus fellowship. I immediately went online and took several paid courses on public speaking and read as much as possible!


I remember watching a live interview of Nigeria’s king of comedy Alibaba share great thought on this topic of skilled and talented. He said ‘The comedy industry is one that requires a lot of creativity and professionalism to stand out. Some comedians are just glued to the fact that they are talented and never try to improve themselves. This is why majority of the industry leaders were never really talented but developed the relevant skill.’ This practically also relates with other industries. To remain relevant in an industry you have to get skilled up.

Here is a simply process to upgrade your talent:

  • Submit yourself for training and development:training skill talent

    Once you have identified that unique talent of yours a very important thing to do is get relevant training process to upgrade it. Even Jesus Christ submitted to training for 30years, little wonder why he accomplished all the remarkable wonders in a very short time. Remember He is a supreme God and had all the powers to have everything His way yet He wanted man to understand the place of development. This is never a one time thing! A wise saying goes that “If you spend one hour everyday developing and studying about your niche you would become an authority in that niche sooner than you expect.” So you have to learn-learn-learn.

  • Follow the right people:follow skill talent

    One of my mentors always say “Your making is in who your following.” Connecting with the right authorities in a niche keeps you up to date and speeds up your success journey.

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  • Read everything there is in that industry.read talent skill

  • Network with other people with same talents: network skill talent

    Opportunities are in people and not places, never be a loner. Nobody is really self made, there are always people that helped your process.

  • Teach Others

    teach talent skill

    One student rises her hand and asks question

    Research shows that whatever you learn and teach within the next 24hours after you learnt, you might never forget it. I do this a lot. When I learn something new i immediately share it to my whatsapp community. By doing this it sticks.




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