How to skyrocket your business leveraging on influencer

In today’s business world quite a number of new principles and practice are employed to speed up growth process.

The word ‘Influencer’ has now become a new mantra. The questions often asked is, Who is an Influencer? And Why do You need them in your business? And most importantly How to connect with Them?

Influencer are active, well-known, respected and trusted in certain sectors. They could be ‘Brand Advocates’ and ‘Niche promoters’. Influencers could be an Authority in a niche. Jay Baer stated that ‘True influencer drive action, not just awareness.’

Little wonder why huge companies and organisations pay a lot of money to have celebrities create awareness for a product. Personally I wouldn’t want to so much buy in to that level of advocacy because first it could be creation of awareness and the cost implication to a small business or startup can be a threat. But then in this post I would be sharing how You can connect with influencers and have them become brand advocates for your small business or startup at little or no cost.

Why we need Influencers?

Few weeks back I received a call from a woman that had an amazing offer. I went to her office and we spoke about her businesses and What I could do for them.

After we spoke for about 2hours, we landed at the bottom line of cost. Considering What I needed to do I charged her heavily. Amazingly she didn’t struggle so much with the amount all she kept saying was “I’m certain You can deliver cause You came highly recommended”.

  1. Consumers trust recommendation from a third party.

70% of buyers make their decisions based on recommendation. And trust me when it comes from an Authority(Influencer) it certainly works like magic.

  1. An Influencer is the mutual friend connecting your brand with your target consumers.
  2. Influencers can drive traffic to your site, increase your social media and also tell a story about your brand, product or business.
  3. Modern day consumers are blind to billboard and deaf to commercials.

influencerHow to connect with influencers:

  1. Network
  2. Attend their paid conferences: why paid conferences? Because You create an impression to them that you are understand the amount of value they can add to your business or personal life.
  3. Create value for them: Influencers only connect with those who they trust would add value to What them. In creating value, You have to be willing to offer them something for free. I recently became a part of an amazing organization, how I did this was by studying and researching about the said organization, then discovered what I could offer to them.
  4. Voluntarily work without payment.
  5. Be outstanding
  1. Be prepared when You meet them: Do your homework, read everything about them (where they spend their time, What they love, their favourite football team and even their place of worship). The first meeting is not an appropriate time to request.
  2. Be concise and specific: Give them something to consider, actively listen and ask questions afterward. Do not recite your resume.
  1. Be a passionate visionary: passion is contagious and the more passionate You are, the most compelling You are.
  2. Use Social Media wisely: On Social media one very most important thing is content. Content is king. By consistently creating relevant content and your activeness in relevant groups can get You on the radar of influencers. While You consistently create contents You should also vigorously keep track of influencers activities(like, comment and share) their posts.

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