A business plan is one of the most important thing a business owner should work on before starting a business.

Why is this so important? It gives your business an operational blue print. It becomes a master piece or working model for which your business would be built around.

As important as this is, many business owner neglect it and just jump to starting a business.

A business plan gives You a foresight of what you should expect in the first four, six and twelve months into your business. Technically this might not exactly applying because there could be unforeseen circumstance but then with a detailed business plan you certainly should have stated some challenges you might encounter.

Every business owner is always looking forward to getting investor but a lot of them are never prepared for investors. As much as investors might not have the time to hear you say all you have to say but handing them a fully detailed business plan shows your preparedness to dominate your business world.

I understand how stressful this can be especially when your probably running around for business funding, strategies for business growth and trying to build early partnership.

One essential reason You should have me write your business plan is that, I wouldn’t be writing anything abstractly. I would spend a reasonable amount of time working with You on researching the following

  • Competitors Strength and Weakness.
  • Market Trends and Fluctuation.
  • Cash Flow and Expenditure.
  • Customer Base.
  • Business Background and History.