How Lack of Regard, Almost Cost Me My Life

One of man’s most desire is to be given regard. Every man craves for regard irrespective of their level of knowledge, education background or financial capacity.

Below is a practical example of What my lack of regard for someone almost cost me.

It happened about 8 years ago, when I was still a very annoying young guy.

On that fateful day I was sent to get fuel of 2000 from anywhere available. This was because fuel scarcity was at its peak then.

After checking out three different fuel stations without a hope of fuel, I decided to go back home.

Just a very short distance from my street, I got confronted by a guy claiming to have fuel for sell somewhere behind a particular building.

Because of my desperation and following instruction from home I gave him the fuel money and gallon.

I waited for close to 30mins for him but he wasn’t forth coming, I had to go check behind the building he had pointed to.

When I got there, I was surprised not to have seen him but noticed a bush track by the conner.

I summoned courage and went ahead into the track road. The road led to a small thatched house with five boys including my proposed fuel seller with my gallon empty beside them.

As I got closer I noticed a very familiar face. He was a guy from my street.

I stood shocked and scared As to What to ask for, my money or the gallon. This should sound weird considering I mentioned that I found a familiar person.

Guess What? I had been very nonchalant to this particular guy. How was I gonna now stand up to him.

I stood there for 30secs lost in thoughts and confused at What to do. I then greeted and the guy from my street answered harshly “Na now You wan claim familiarity abi?” I responded “Big Bros, no oh! Well Done oh…” this time he raised his voice even more and “See guy, nah only God make me just dey look You oh! I for done land You dirty slap first. If nah for our street You for greet me?” My proposed fuel seller guy now responded angrily “Baba make we touch this guy small, nah so all this ajebo children dey behave.”

The other guy from my street now calmed him down and told him to hand over my money and gallon to me, he ordered me to level immediately.

I was almost crying when I left. I felt very bad about how arrogant I had been to a lot of people.

That day became a turnaround point for my life. I vowed to show regard and respect for everyone I meet not minding what they might look like at that moment.

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