Here’s my personal review on the Book The Smart Money Woman – Uwgu Arase

Smart Money Woman

The Smart Money Woman

My unique attraction for this book came from the very unusual writing pattern Uwgu Arase used. She wrote with real life events, people, places and even some local slang. For the most part the practical questions directed at readers at the end of every chapter makes everything applicable

The book painted an average woman and also threw lights on influential women in our society and several women powered organizations but the it is also a must read for men.

Smart Arase as I would prefer to call her explained that developing a wealthy mindset requires that the way You spend, invest and manage a little amount as 100 naira is the same way you’ll spend, invest and manage 10million.

She made it clear that people shouldn’t deceive themselves by saying they will start investing when they have more. Personally i have always said that but trust me I haven’t really done nothing not until I read the book.

She also explained how society tends to measure financial success based on spending patterns, but then the metrics are faulty. A practical example was my room mate back in school then. He was  always paid 500k in 3months by his community because his dad is a king but the as funny as it may sound he spends everything in less than a month and starts leaning on me for cash and support. He wore the best of shoes and clothes this made girls crazy about him but then he was just another broke guy.

Smart Arase pulled the trigger right through my brain when she mentioned that broke people think is about how much You earn but rich people know its about how much of your income You are able to keep and convert into asset that can provide You with income in the future.

Most people do not know where the money they earn goes. Recharge card is a terrible sucker of money.

Give Up excuses by controlling the money rather than letting money control you. Only borrow to acquire an asset that will appreciate in value. Guess What this saved me from borrowing a huge money in 6 figures earlier this month.

After I read through I bought a special note pad for all my cash expenses even for As low as 10 naria.

I also plan a money date every Sunday night to know how much I have earned during the week and how much I spent.

I also got a special inaccessible savings account.

One last thing is invest, trust me we all need investments one way all the other.

If You haven’t gotten the book The Smart Money Woman – please do it’s not just for ladies but guys too.

Thanks to aunty Smart Arese…


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