Five reasons You should build a personal brand on social media and how to

  • It positions you as an authority

    This means that you become the ‘Go-To’ in your niche. When you consistently build relevant content on your social media platforms before long you position yourself as an authority.

  • It opens professional opportunities.

    One social network that had done this remarkably well for me is LinkedIn. LinkedIn is a social network where professionals meet professionals. I also refer to it as the ‘Show your expertise jungle’. Here content still plays a key role, but something unique about this platform is that people can endorse you around your skill sets and by so doing you can refer new prospect to check you out their. Look out for my eBook ‘LinkedIn influence- A guild on how to use LinkedIn effectively’.

  • It connects You with influencer.

    Here is one unique reason I call social media bae-before anyone else. I have been able to connect with top influencers in my city and beyond by just sneaking into their inbox and dropping unbeatable values. Look out for my coming course on ‘How to connect with influencers in 30days’.

Also read my past article on ‘How influencers can be leveraged on to skyrocket your business.’

  • It helps You build a community of believers.

As a brand you constantly looking to have faithful followers or advocates and trust me on this social media can do this. I have an awesome whatsapp community and one of the things I did to build relationship with members there was to chat privately with active members. It takes only believers of your brand to buy from you and even blow your trumpet.

  • It helps You reach more persons :

    By someone simply hitting the share button or like button on your content that can expose you broadly. Imagine the cost of having a radio show and T.V program compared to social media. Social media is almost free.

How to build your personal brand:


Define your brand

  • Defining your brand has to do with tapping into your unique potentials, talent, gifts and experience. Personal branding is about authenticity. What does this mean? You wouldn’t want to build a brand trying to be someone else. Your brand is like a professional picture of your genuie self.
    How do You define your brand?

Create a personal vision and mission statement.

  • By creating a vision statement You give your life a sense of direction. 90% of people are unsuccessful because they don’t have a vision statement. A vision statement can be created by looking inwardly at your personality, passion and what your greatest ambition would be. While your mission is what you intend to do to achieve your vision.

Clearly state your core values.

  • Your values reflect your personality. What ever, who ever and where ever you spend your time and money lies your value. It could be somewhat difficult to clearly state this but then you can hire a coach to help You do that or sign up for my soon to come personal brand coaching program.

Create your message.

  • One question I get from almost all my clients that sign up for my personal brand coaching program is ‘What is my message’ simply put your message is your experience or story around your niche. People relate better with you when your not just telling them abstract things but sharing your journey with them. Let’s take for example myself. I’m passionate about business, personal development and new media. My message is always around those.

Identify your audience.

  • In your personal branding journey, you wouldn’t want to be just send your message for just everybody. A popular saying goes that a product created for everyone is for no one. So you have to clearly identify who your audience are cause over time you would have to convert them to customers.

Chose your platform.

  • Platforms that work perfectly well for me might not work for you, so you have to understand the different platforms: Facebook, Whatsapp, Pinterest, Twitter, Google+, Instagram & Snapchat.

Blow your trumpet.

  • The last but obviously not the least things to do is to make as much noise as you can about your brand. Create relevant content because content is king.

Content + Relevance + Consistency = Brand

One very important thing to note in building your personal brand is to continuously improve yourself.
Learn! Learn!! Learn!!!


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