SMEs can now compete with Corporate organizations because we now have platforms like Amazon and Alibaba to export globally.

What are you producing for the international market!

Every small business owner or startup should start locally but think Global.

Let’s take a leap away from the big corporations I mentioned above your products or solutions can go global with the simple tools you already have.

Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and LinkedIn are great start point.

So the questions is what you producing around your business or skill.

My 30days Coaching Program will help you understand this concept more.

During this 30 days I will teach you:

How to make people crave for your product.

How to make N100,000 from digital products.

I will teach you how to use tools to create your product.

I will show you over 30 product topics in 5 industries that you can start out with.

I will teach you to generate ideas for products.

I will help you setup a messenger bot(more like email marketing)

My book -Social Media and Influence Mastery will be given to you.

I and two experts will have a 5 hours physical Class with you in the city of Port Harcourt. For those outside port Harcourt I will arrange a special class for you.

Most amazingly you get a 50% discount on my 2018 Activation Coaching Program.

This offer as I said is a whole pack of awesomeness.

This goes for N10,000

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To Signup Pay the amount to

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-Your Name
-Payment details
-City or State where you reside
-Phone Number