6 Great Ways to Make Money as a Young person

At the fast pace our country Nigeria is developing, it is very important that young people both high school students, under-graduate and graduates create sources of cash flow for themselves.

To a great deal this will help reduce some of the unrest in the nation.

Personally I have tried out some of these ways to make money and have had remarkable results.

From my under-graduate days, a lot of the cash I had at that time were primarily from my creativity and skill.

In this post you will learn great and proven ways to make money for yourself legally.

Social Media: Personally this is one of my favorites. It is one of the easiest means to earn yourself some cash.

You might want to think it requires some special skills or techniques but it simply starts with you understanding either of the platforms.

Let’s say Facebook. You can reach out to adults who really want to start using this social tool and offer to teach them how to.

I believe a lot of young people already know their way around this tool but a lot of adult know its a great tool to connect but don’t know how to go about it.

You can start from your church or neighborhood. You can simply just tell an adult that you can teach them to use social media better for a token amount. You can start charging from N2,000 to as high as N10,000 depending on the social status of the adult.

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Pet Selling: This is another great way to earn as a young person. My cousin and you get brother are doing very well in this business. My younger brother started some years back when he was still in high school, my uncle gave him a female German Shepard Puppy. He dedicated 7 months to feeding and training this dog.

After the 7 months it was ready to mate and reproduce, so he asked some people living around our neighborhood with dogs to let either of their dog cross his. Luckily for him, he got a kind heart dog lover like himself who accepted.

He had a deal with the man to give him one of the puppies when the dog gave birth. When it was time, to his surprise the dog gave birth to 8puppies and as earlier agreed he gave the man one and sold out 5 leaving two for himself.

Before long he became a dog consultant and helped people sell their dog and even mate the dogs.

Design Simple websites for people: Learning to code is great but designing websites with templates and CMS (Content Management Systems) like WordPress, Joomla and Wix is really awesome. By just checking a few tutorials on YouTube you can get started or take a course for a cheap amount. You can start earning from N20,000 – N80,000 designing website with CMS.

Start a blog: Blogging is a great way to make cash for yourself as a young person.
A simple blog can be created for free using blogspot.com or WordPress.com or you can decide to self-host a blog starting from just N10,000.

The great thing about blogging is you can blog about your passion. Let’s say you love football or any other sport. You cab start writing about football teams, matches about to be played and even give highlight on matches.

Before long you can start advertising for sport stores, betting sites or adding adsense.

YouTube Channel: Starting a YouTube channel is very easy and free. With your channel you can teach tutorials on keyboard, do short pranks, review games, teach cooking etc). All you need to get started is a camera phone and once you have great viewers you can monetize with adsense.

Instagram: It is no longer news how a lot of folks have become online celebrity by making 30sec – 1min video clips and posting on instagram.

Posting videos alone doesn’t bring in cash but once you have grown your followers to a reasonable number, brands can start buying advert space and paying you to do short clips.

In conclusion, young people should deliberately develop entrepreneurial mindset.

One can only produce result or earn cash when you add value to people’s lives. So every young person must add value so as to earn.

Research shows that people will natural pay a young person gladly for a service than they will pay an adult.

One book I will personal recommend for all young people is “Realonaire by Farrah Gray.” This book changed my life.

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