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Everybody is trying to be successful, directly or indirectly. But then a lot of persons are their own major hold back for success.


In this article, I would be sharing five(5) reasons a lot of persons never amount to anything in different aspects of their life and business.

Success is an intentional progress and just like any important activity it has principles. The list below shows wrong approaches people take to succeed.

1. EXCUSES: As simple as it might sound you personally might have got at least one thousand excuses why you can’t succeed.

Personally I have come to understand that must of the times when I give excuses for my  failure or attitude it is almost never true but but the more I keep up with those excuses my environment and subconscious mind turn them to be true.

Never have I had of any successful person that didn’t have one or more excuses why they never would have succeeded.

Cobham one of Nigeria’s amazing producer, would have hidden behind his blind eyes.

2. BEING TOO INTELLIGENT: Looking back at your secondary school days, there was this one person who bagged all the A’s and prove super smart.

You totally felt he/she will do remarkably well in the future but today you probably can’t find them doing amazing things as expected.

Very intelligent people tend to have a tendency of not cooperating with others and not principle conscious.

They have a very unrealistic idea of things and always look down on people.

With a positive, optimistic and cooperative attitude a person with an IQ of 100 will earn more money, win more respect and achieve more success than a negative, pessimistic, uncooperative individual with IQ of 120.

3. TOO MANY IDEAS: Trust me ideas are great but actions are super great. Everyday at least 100 new ideas popup in our heads but the reality is just one of those ideas can make you super successful.

Successful people build one idea to become result before the move to another.

4. LACK OF BIG DREAMS: A lot of time unsuccessful people settle for less. You hear them say things like ‘I just want to make a little money to get by’. To be truly successful you have to dream big.

Your dreams become a motivation to your everyday activity. Mule Munroe said “If your dreams don’t scare you, they aren’t big enough.”

5. STRUGGLING WITH YOUR WEAKNESS: I recently discovered that majority of people speed their time struggling to improve their weakness.

The truth be said, when you focus on your weakness your strength suffers.

Now look at this practical example. Suppose your a great speaker and not quite a good writer. Spend more time developing your speaking skills cause you could develop great audio materials and sell rather than struggle to publish a book.


By simple watching through your life for this things will help speed up your success process.


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