5 Indisputable C’s On Your Success Journey

Climbing the ladder of success practically involves lot of things from our personal lives. Missing out one single part could cost an individual a great deal. In this post I would be sharing 5 C’s you should never take for granted during your success journey.


As a lot of persons already know success is a process. Just like a child is given birth to and at some point grows to become an adult, so also those success involve a gradual,continuous and intentional approach.

Personally when I’m asked if I have gotten to my desired height, I promptly respond this is barely 5% of my intended height. But then I appreciate my now and gallantly look to my fabulous future. This article is highly based on personal experiences, failures and successes I have encountered thus far.


5 C’s to Success

  • Commitment:

Four years ago, I was a great guy with great skills but then I notice I hardly completed any task both in my personal life and business. One of the very major failures I encountered was when I put together a team of great guys like myself to host an award event for a tertiary institution in my city. After much planning, strategy, nominations and even voting I just woke up one morning and called off the event. This was a terribly bad for me. But then I noticed what the primary issue was, I didn’t stay on one task, I had too many projects to handle at the same time. Multi-tasking is a great deal but then after much failures I got committed to making at least one thing work in my life. I would want to define commitment to be staying true to a specific task and intentional about it’s success.

Many young smart entrepreneurs suffer heavily from lack of commitment. For one to be successful you have to be known for at least one thing. Commitment is harnessed by one quality, in the words of Napoleon Hills – “There is one quality that one must possess to win, and that is definition of purpose, the knowledge of what one wants and having a burning desire to achieve it.”


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  • Character:

I shared a very situation I encountered on a visit to one of the coolest hotel in my city on my whatsapp community. Just a quick recap – the said hotel owner was having a meeting in the conference room, very close to the reception. He was yelling at a staff for probably as a result of a  misconduct. After the meeting he stepped out and a guest had been waiting for him to lay a complaint. As this guest approached this man, with the annoyance that was at it peak in his head, he yelled at this guest. I just thought in my mind “here is another lost customer”. Character is practically everything. Developing the right character in your personal life reflects on your business. I highly recommend the book “Character is everything”. To build a great character you have to understand what turns you off and how to manage yourself.



  • Company or Companionship:

A lot of persons are pretty much familiar with this saying “Show me your friend and I would tell you who you are”. This might sound mystical but very true. In my review of the book smart money woman, I state that you are the fifth average of the most four people you spend time with. In your journey of success not everyone is expected to join you up the ladder, shed off some unwanted loads.

Taking an example from my personal life, there were friends I knew a while ago that were practically slowing my progress, I had to shut them out. This could be really difficult to do but trust me it’s your life and you have got to be intentional about it. Everyone in my life right now has to be adding value to me or else you’re out. Friends and the right company can speed up or slow down your growth process. Examine thoroughly before letting people into your circle.


  • Content and Capacity:

One thing people crave for these days is wonderful container but empty content. What does this mean? It’s practically seen how some young people can spend a fortune to look good but then can’t spend to build their content. Just as Content is king on social media marketing, so also is it royalty in your success journey. The holy book clearly states in that we are given task based on capacity. Some people are just being protected from themselves. A friend told me something really cool that, ‘BRAIN IS THE NEW ASS’. This is so true. To ride on you need to continuously build your capacity. I can practically tell what you can offer me by having a 20mins discussion with you. Success is contagious, it can’t be hidden. To build your capacity you have to read as much books as possible, attend live classes, get a mentor, hire a coach and take actions.


  • Carriage and Comportment:

This has to do with your presentation and appearance. It’s often said that one should be dressed the way he hopes to be addressed. Steve Harris in one of his tele-seminars said “Never dress like a suspect and expect to be addressed as a prospect”. I’m not so much of a fashionista but I try my best to look as presentable as possible.


By applying these 5 C’s in your success journey, the sky would be your starting point.

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